Secondary Education at Elian’s Castellón

KEY STAGE 3 (Year 7 to Year 9)

In Key Stage 3 the students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Computing, Art, Music, PE, French and PSHEE as part of the English curriculum.

In addition to the English curriculum, the children receive Spanish lessons in accordance with the Spanish requirements.

Lessons in Key Stage 3 are taught by subject specialists.  It is usual for a teacher to be able to teach more than one subject in Key Stage 3.

Progress is monitored through on-going assessment and end of unit tests.   At the end of each year the students sit end of year exams.

KEY STAGE 4 (Year 10 & Year 11)

Key Stage 4 consists of Years 10 and 11 and the students then begin to study for external exams, IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).  Students usually study an average of 8 or 9 compulsory and optional subjects.

The IGCSE examinations are taken towards the end of Year 11, although some subjects may be taken at the end of Year 10.

In Year 9, students and parents are guided through the option process via our handbook and parental meetings.  Students and parents are encouraged to meet teachers to discuss options and their prospects.