Sixth Form at Elian’s Castellón

KEY STAGE 5 (Year 12 y Year 13)

Key Stage 5 or 6th form consists of Years 12 and 13 and the students study ‘AS’ and ‘A’ levels.  Students wishing to continue their studies at Elian’s must generally pass a minimum of 5 IGCSE exams with grades A* – C.

It is normal to study for between 3-5 ‘A’ levels.  ‘A’ levels are recognised worldwide and allow students access to both British and Spanish universities.  Students wishing to apply to Spanish universities can sit optional Spanish exams (Fase específica de Selectividad) in order to gain extra points.  We ensure students are prepared for these exams as part of the 6th form programme.

In Year 11, students and parents are guided through the option process via our handbook and parental meetings.  Students and parents are encouraged to meet teachers to discuss options and their prospects.