Elian’s 3.0 at Elian’s Castellón

Elian’s 3.0 is a web platform developed by the company with the purpose of, communicating with parents, monitoring students through a fully transparent grading system and it also helps students as a further learning resource. The platform is aimed at parents, students and teachers. Students can see the grades for their work and their end of term report grades; check the weekly homework and access networking to download reinforcement work. Even classes taught with the whiteboard are saved for the students so they can download all the notes given by the teacher. Teachers use the platform as a “teacher’s book” in which they can keep track of assessments (and add comments for parents); upload all kinds of educational resources and links of interest for students to access, as well as notes written on the interactive whiteboard. They can also add comments for the parents.
Teachers are also able to maintain contact with parents through private messaging. Through parental access, the Iale-Elian’s Educational Group provides transparency of the education of the children. Parents can follow the day to day life of their child in school through: grades achieved, letters, mentoring, absences, networking etc., as well as the possibility of arranging meetings with the teachers. The information is available ONLINE through the internet on any device. In this way, regardless of where they are, parents can know about the day to day schooling of their child. Access Elians 3.0.